ESPN…Essentially Spouts Preliminary Non-complete facts

On December 12, 2011, an ESPN insider slipped information to a Milwaukee writer that a big news story would be airing on their ‘SportsCenter’ 6PM telecast, according to*. The program aired. No big story broke.

Later that evening, just before the Heisman Trophy presentation, one of the biggest events on television that evening, ESPN broke into the telecast with a breaking news story. They said that a source told them that Ryan Braun, the MVP of the National League for the Milwaukee Brewers and one of the most respected players in the game, had failed a drug test in October which could lead to his suspension. Although they knew that he had requested and passed a second test, ESPN did NOT report that. They then went into the Heisman Trophy programming. They sullied a star’s reputation.

For the past two months, Braun’s reputation has gone from the very top to the bottom.      It will take a career of greatness to breakthrough the suspicion created by the story and restore his luster as one of the games great and clean players.

Today Ryan Braun was vindicated. He will not have to face a 50 game suspension for violating MLB’s performance enhancing drug policy. An arbitrator made the ruling. Let the game continue.

The argument whether Braun took the ped’s or didn’t take them will go on long after this season, long after this decade. It will continue at least until five years after Braun retires from the game.

What is disconcerting is this: Who leaked the story to ESPN?

When will that person have to go through the public ringer of humiliation?

As for ESPN, will they get some journalistic integrity? The good ol boy network of guys will probably shrug their shoulders, pontificate on their high level of performance of the Loma Linda Wrist Wrestling Championships and try to gain an interview with Braun.

Just say no, Mr. Braun. The arbitrator today said it ain’t so.

(*source: Nicole reported via the Milwaukee 121111)


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