You Can Observe A Lot By Watching

Yogi Berra said “You can observe a lot by watching”. That is what baseball brings us more than most. Our eyes see so much. They are HiDef with an instant DVD recorder.  What we see is our own view. Surely the phrase “Did you see that?” came from watching some action at a baseball game. Often, nobody else saw exactly what we saw. It is our own special memory of a very specific view.

We believe what we see. Often that is disputable. Investigators suggest that ‘eye-witnesses’ often do not agree with one another. Regardless, we believe in our sightings. We take comfort in this, letting out a sigh as a smile comes across our face.

A week from today, our eyes will be on full alert as the first day of Spring Training baseball begins. From Phoenix to all over central and south Florida the sights so familiar to us will be back on display after a winter of hot stove league talk of “Is he worth that much?”, “Will the additions to our team be able to make us better than last season?” and “Did he or didn’t he?”. Then on Sunday, the season of hope begins to unveil itself.

Will Ichiro come back and have a season like his first nine years in the Bigs? What will El Hombre do when faced with huge press coverage and not the sheltered conclave he was use to for all his previous years? How often will Prince be compared to his father, the former Tiger, during the year? Will the Giants bounce back this season after winning it all the year before? And, how far will Gibby push his ballclub past last year’s unexpected triumphs?

What happened to those Twinkies last year? We will find out in Fort Myers. Will this year’s version of ‘Moneyball’ work for the A’s? We will see in old Municipal Stadium in Phoenix. The Cubbies in Mesa and the White Sox at the Camelback Ranch will both be highly watched in the Windy City where today snow covers both fields of play. Which team will be the winner in the AL East? We will begin to see that development all over Florida. There will be a lot of eyes watching in Peoria where both the powerful Rangers and the Royals train. Who will show up as the owner of da Bums, the L.A. variety also at Camelback Ranch? How will Pence do this season as the Phillies begin their trip back to the top of the world in Clearwater?

It all begins a week from today. Our eyes will be our witness to Yogi’s unquestioned authoritative quote.


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