You’ve Got To Love Brothers, Even If They Are Cards Fans

All writers have critics, even bloggers about baseball.
Every once in a while, not often but once in a while, a sibling has something interesting to say. After the post earlier this week regarding ‘Catchers In The National League’, one of my brothers who works in Saudi Arabia (so you can understand that he may suffer from an occasional heat stroke) spoke out as a critique of that blog. You may enjoy.
He stated, “GET REAL! … catchers? Who needs ’em! They use a new ball after every pitch so why not put up a net for where the strike zone is. Who needs instant replay? If the ball falls in the net, it IS a strike.
They wear all that stuff so they don’t get their pretty cloths dirty. Do you see the second baseman wearing all that stuff to keep his cloths clean? NO. They get dirty … they move around the world … they don’t just stick in one spot.
Catchers aint got no vision! All they see is straight ahead. They even need a guy to come back to tell him where to squat …. can’t find their own place to be without bein told.
It IS NOT about the pitchers and catchers … it is ALWAYS about the Second Baseman. He lets the shortstop be the wild child … a mommy’s boy. Second Base = the difference between winners and losers.
Catchers ! ! !  They think the whole world revolves around the home plate … and it isn’t even their plate!  Each person EXCEPT THE CATCHER has his own base … First Base is the First Baseman’s … Second Base is the Second Baseman’s … Third Base is the Third Baseman’s  … even the Pitcher has his own rubber (he’s protected don’t ya know … he is daddy’s favorite) … but the home plate is NOT the Catcher’s.  It is the Batter’s Home … a warm and fuzzy place for them to be (Only three or four times a game is the Catcher ALLOWED to come into their house).  The Catchers aint got Nuthin’ AND he even has someone behind him holding him up so he don’t fall over on his face (can’t even squat without help). Catchers are like throwin a ball against a wall … worthless position … Quarterback my axx … pain in the axx is more like it!
AND HE CAINT EVEN SPEAK GOOD! … he keeps throwin the pitcher dirty signs instead of just speaking plain English.  No wonder catchers are such bad broadcasters … can’t stop them from chattering about everything, just cause no one wanted to hear them talk during the game. AND look at the glove. He has a pillow to play catch with … not even with fingers in it … just a big ugly pillow … AND THEY WEAR HELMETS ! ! ! DAMN ! ! ! … THERE ARE NO HELMETS IN BASEBALL! ! !
Good Grief!
It is ALL ABOUT #2 … always has been …. always will be!”
Yikes! Can you guess he is my YOUNGER brother? Can you guess he was the second born? Now you know what an older brother has to go through. It’s not easy being perfect.
Play Ball!

1 thought on “You’ve Got To Love Brothers, Even If They Are Cards Fans

  1. Smartest damn thing I have EVER read … you are lucky to have someone dedicated to showing you the light of truth …

    Good is good … God is great !

    Yeh God!

    (he was a second baseman)

    The Younger Brother

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