Home For The Aged

I have been a Yankee fan most of my life. They, along with the Oakland A’s, have been my favorite American League teams. To be sure, I am not a live-or-die fan like Big Red or Timmy. My allegiance always goes to the Brewers. But understand, if the Yanks are in a game against anyone except Milwaukee, I’m pulling for the team in Pinstripes.

This past Monday, I watched the New Yorker’s invade Chicago for the return of A-Rod. It was quite a scene. The YES Network pulled in big numbers. To the surprise of few knowledgeable fans, his first at bat of the season was a hit. That’s what big players do. To everyone’s surprise, he ran with ease. But he was stranded at third when his teammates showed their age.

Andy Pettitte (41) was visibly graying on the mound after each pitcch, giving up 7 runs in two and two-thirds innings. Teixeira (33) was out for the season at first, replaced by Wells (34). Cano (30), the baby of the team, was at second but not next to Jeter (39) at short because Derek was on the DL for the 3rd time this season. Soriano (37) was the DH with Granderson (32) in left, somebody in center and Ichiro (39) in right with another somebody at catcher. In essence, here was a team, with A-Rod (39) at third that got very old right before our eyes. There is a real probability that five or six of these players will not be with the team next year. They will be playing for the AARP nine.

This team has never looked worse since those dreadful days when the Pride of Beloit, Jerry Kenney, played for them and wore #2.

As mentioned, the game drew a season high on YES television with a 4.34 rating translating into a viewing audience of 393,000, a 71% boost over the season’s average on the local Yankee telecast.

The option was Betty White reruns in ‘Who’s Older?’.

But there is a silver lining behind the ‘Home For The Aged’. We hear that Depends is thinking of sponsoring the team next season and coming out with a ‘Pinstripe’ version.

Play Ball!

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