David Accomplishes

Little David picked up a rock and placed it in his slingshot and aimed it at the target in front of him. There were no guarantees he would hit his target. But he certainly could do his best to aim and attempt to hit the target.

In this year’s baseball playoff pool, there are a bunch of Davids aiming to reach their target…the winning of the World Series. They have some historical perspective to assist them in their quest. Only a five of the twenty teams who earned home field advantage in the past decade actually made it to the World Series. Of those only the White Sox in 2005, the Red Sox in 2007 and the Yankees of 2009 won the World Series.

The Davids also have one other advantage in their quest. They have a desire to beat those who have riches far beyond their reach.

The Tampa Bay Rays, Oakland Athletics, Pittsburgh Pirates and Cleveland Indians are four of the five teams in all of baseball with the lowest team revenues. In 2012, The Rays earned $167 million; Athletics generated $173 million; Pirates gained $178 million and the Indians got $186 million in annual revenues. The combined revenue of these four teams do not equal the top two in Major League Baseball, that of the New York Yankees ($471 million) and the Boston Red Sox ($336 million). Cincinnati Reds was the other team that finished in the bottom half of the revenue tree.

For the record, the #2 team (Red Sox), #6 (Los Angeles Dodgers), #7 (St. Louis Cardinals), #10 (Detroit Tigers) and #12 (Atlanta Braves) represent the top revenue echelon of the game…big city folks who are always expected to clean up in post season championships.

But that is what baseball really is all about. The tree of victory rules in its base. This is where the fans are rarely ‘fair weather’ and also bleed the blood of the color of their team…Hunter green and California gold in the East Bay, black and gold in the land of Honus, navy blue and red from the days of old League Park on the lake shore and Columbia blue and white at the tip of the Bay. Then, up the bark a bit, no team has played longer professionally than those who bleed red and white on the banks of the Ohio.

Sure, the top of the tree is where everyone looks. It is where the rarified air allows for a better breath. But beware! Watch out for those on who make up the foundation. They are hungry and capable this season to achieve greatness. After all, Cleveland has one two, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati have won five and the A’s have won nine. Tampa Bay hasn’t won any world series titles yet, but remember, they are only 15 years old.

And isn’t it interesting that it comes down to game #162 to find out who is actually going into the playoffs?

May the best team win. Now…

Play Ball!

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