Born A Brewer.

It is the grass…the smell and the sounds of memories past. The voice of Bob resonates as a connection of life itself. It is spring, summer, fall and winter all wrapped into one. It is more than the ball, the bat, the gloves and uniforms. It is the excitement of arrival of another season ahead. You may not jump on it in a bandwagon approach on the edge of Pigsville nor accidentally become a fan of the Cream City Nine by switching a dial. It’s a blue pinstripe thing with a logo so unique, it can’t be copied. You are born a Brewer, just as you are a Badger and a Packer. It comes with the essence of life, when cheese and beer can sustain you through thick and thin. It has been passed down from Tommy Harper to Robin Yount, Paul Molitor and Rollie Fingers. It is about Prince, Go Go and Braun, Jonathan, Craig and whomever is next. They are the family. Sometimes you love them. And sometimes not so much. But it is a blood thing…a religion of sorts well beyond the norm. It is what Milwaukee is all about. Provincial at the core…the common man. This is the True Blue Brew Crew in a ballpark named after a beer. It has and will continue to be all about a single word…hope. If you don’t believe it, just look at this.


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