I’m a baseball fan. Since my very first game seeing a Major League Club (Boston Braves vs Milwaukee Brewers of the American Association in Borchert Field, Milwaukee), the sights, sounds and smells of a ballpark are part of the fabric of my being. The backs of baseball cards were the library to the soul of the game…statistics. The viewing of the game was the icing on the cake of life.

Lance G. Hanish

4 thoughts on “About

  1. People who can’t do…love to bring down those who can. Ryan Braun, possibly the best baseball
    image in this day and age of HOW CAN I WIN /HOW CAN I CHEAT and not be caught. A urine
    test could have been frozen or put in a microwave. How do we know??? I believe tests can be
    altered by many ways. There is so much science out there that can penetrate paper or cardboard. We can’t even begin to say what could tamper a urine test GONE BAD. You people
    that are jealous, find something constructive to do with your time.

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog. I’m a writer for a blog called Sideline Smack. Our goal is for our authors to have certain opinions on the articles they write. Since the majority of our writers are from the New York City Metropolitan area, we write from a Yankee/Knicks/Jets perspective. It would be great if you could read and follow our blog at sidelinesmack.wordpress.com.

  3. Lance- read all your blogs and can’t help feel bad for you, a true Brewers fan and baseball fan, with the entire Ryan Braun dark saga. (See July 28, 2013)…as a loyal Yankee fan, I can’t wait for Arod to take his act elsewhere. It’s tough following the game we love and not wondering Who else? I look at League Leaders and unfortunately those questions creep into my mind…
    I couldn’t agree with you more…let this lowest of lows ” the Lance Armstrong of baseball” fade into oblivion. And yes, his restaurant should close shortly- except that good, hard working folks will lose their jobs.
    Also- re: comment from Ellen -march 2012…I wonder how she feels now?
    Ellen is obviously a fan of the game, and a good heart, wanting to believe in happy endings, but what would she say now? Did anyone really believe Braun’s first tests” could have been tampered or spoiled”?
    The Brauns, McGuires, Sosas, Palmeiros, Bonds,Clemens and Arods should never get into the HOF and should live forever with the scarlet letter on their uniform.
    Salt Lake City July 2013

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