A Nation Stops

Yesterday, on his first day back from the DL, a larger than life player for the Boston Red Sox took to the field, microphone in hand and addressed the sold out crowd at Fenway. “Today we are wearing Boston on our jerseys. Not Red Sox. We are Boston.” David Ortiz continued, “This is our city. And no one is going to dictate our freedom. Stay strong.”

So much has been placed in the tumbler of life in America’s fifth largest city this past week. The last time the city’s favorite baseball team played at home was on Monday morning, the traditional Patriot’s Day ballgame. Because of the events following that game, this was the first time the fans had gathered, knowing that the tragedy of the past week was still raw in their memories and the reality of facing the funerals of those who had passed lay ahead. But for now, Big Papi was reinforcing the strength of the city…reinforcing the fibre that has made these people so strong for so long.

These after all were the descendents of those who began our fight for freedom with a little party down on the docks centuries ago. This is where Revere expressed aloud the  warning of the red coats advancement. This is where the most famous marathon of all is run each year. And this is where the fabled Red Sox play ball

On Saturday, this is where the city once again identified itself with the resolve that runs through all of our veins. This day, in one of the most famous ballparks of all, a very large man reminded all of us that no one was going to take away that which is rightfully ours.

Now, we must bury the dead. Now we must remember not to forget. Now we must continue the fight started in this city so long ago.

Play ball!