Fish Wrap

A fish stinks from its head. When you catch a fish, you cut off its head, put it into a newspaper and throw it away in the garbage can, preferably far away from where you are living. The Milwaukee Brewers have a problem from the head of the on-field management. A person who inherited a fine young team when he arrived, just a few years ago, Ron Roenicke has been quickly exposed as a potential manager in disguise with limited understanding of pitching. At a time when his team can fight the good fight in a pennant race that left him out of the dust months ago, he throws in the towel before the leading team in his division.

Yesterday in Miller Park, testimony was given to his complete lack of understanding the position of his team and the way his players look to the top man for guidance. The Brewers Ace, Vonnie Gallardo, gave up only 4 hits and 2 runs through seven innings, striking out seven and walking only two. After 112 pitches, he went an inning longer than most starters of today go because the Brewers have the worst bullpen in the major leagues. He gave everything he had, even survived a smash off of his knee by a line-drive from Lance Lynn in the 5th. However, that being said, what Roenicke did is absurd.

In the eighth inning he brings in Rob Wooton, a September call-up from Nashville. Why? Had he given up on his team? He doesn’t even know Wooton and what he can do. Is this the place to put him into the game, in front of a 35,000+ home crowd, desperately wanting a victory over the rival Cardinals? This is part of the legendary ‘Beer Series’, not the ‘Bush Series’. All Wooton did was give up three consecutive singles, after a lead off out, walked Molina with the bases loaded (at what time are you going to jerk him out of the game, Ron?), then gives up a single to Freese and a double to Discalso. Now, after a five run outburst, Roenicke finally visits the mound and removes the pitcher.

As the fans go home to await another season, and the player see exactly what their manager is all about, we all say, “Thank you Roenicke”. Thank you for given 2.5+ million fans who were tortured throughout this season a reason for holding onto our old newspapers.

Play Ball!